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Supplier Code of Conduct


The core mission of NUCO Logistics is to offer timely, accurate and excellent service to our clients through trained employees who advocate for the best solutions to their logistical needs. We are committed to ensuring positive environmental, social and governance outcomes through our operation, and we expect our suppliers do the same. Being an integral part of our customer value chains and involved with a vast network of international suppliers, the nature of our business requires transparency and due diligence into the systems supporting our logistics. We look to our suppliers to identify and mitigate risks, and to help us to assure ethical, safe and environmentally sound logistics solutions across international jurisdictions.


The components of this Code align with values established internally at NUCO Logistics and derive from standards outlined by well-respected global organizations supporting ethics, labor and human rights, worker health and safety, and the environment. To uphold our commitment to these principles, this Code of Conduct outlines the following expectations of our suppliers:



  • Suppliers commit to adhere to local laws and international standards regarding governance, labor, and human rights.
  • Suppliers will comply with all applicable quality, health, safety, and environmental regulations and ensure all required permits, licenses and registrations are obtained, maintained and kept up to date.
  • Suppliers will adhere to international trade and export control regulations, as well as embargoes and sanctions imposed by national or supranational bodies or governments.
  • Suppliers commit to business integrity consistent with the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness.
  • Suppliers have controls in place that prohibit and detect corruption, bribery, improper gifts and the appearance of conflicts of interest.
  • Suppliers will advise their suppliers of their commitment to ethical business governance and behavior.


Labor and Human Rights


  • Suppliers will not engage in any form of involuntary labor of any kind as identified by the International Labor Organization, including child labor, human trafficking, prison labor, debt bondage, and the use of forced labor.
  • Suppliers commit to equal treatment of employees, free of violence, harassment and discrimination, and assure that their employee working hours and compensation are consistent with applicable local, national and international laws and standards.
  • Suppliers will never require workers to deposit original identification documents, travel documents or any other personal legal documents upon commencing employment.
  • Suppliers will advise their suppliers of their commitment to labor and human rights.

Worker Health and Safety

  • Suppliers will provide a safe and healthy working environment through operations, facilities, procedures and training that protect workers.
  • Suppliers will regularly review threat levels for particular geographies, hubs and routes and be prepared to respond quickly if risk levels change to protect their workers.
  • Suppliers will be familiar with resources, standards, organizations, frameworks and initiatives which monitor issues and trends and assist in protecting workers.
  • Suppliers will advise their suppliers of their commitment to worker health and safety.



  • Suppliers agree to reduce waste, energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in their business operations wherever possible.
  • Suppliers will work with NUCO Logistics staff to analyze sustainable shipping options and environmental impacts as requested.
  • Suppliers will advise their suppliers of their commitment to environmental stewardship.


To assure adherence to this Code, NUCO Logistics may request written documentation, certifications, periodic assessments, and remediation plans from suppliers.