Customs Brokerage

If you need to import complex cargo anywhere in the world, you can rely on NUCO Logistics as your trusted partner. We have the expertise and experience to handle any type of cargo, including Chemical, Pharmaceutical, General Cargo, and Hazmat products. We also ensure compliance and classification of your shipments, so you can avoid delays and penalties. NUCO Logistics Customs Brokerage on-line tracking system is available 24/7 to assist you with any emergency or challenge.


NUCO Logistics is certified as National Permit holder and can file your entries in every U.S. Customs port in the nation. This means you can have a single point of contact and consistent compliance oversight for all your imports, regardless of the port/airport or border point. 

At NUCO Logistics, we have a team of licensed Customs brokers that are proactive and responsive to your needs. We monitor the changing regulations and requirements and adapt accordingly. We also anticipate potential problems and devise strategies to solve them quickly and effectively. They also communicate effectively with the Customs examination sites across the country to expedite the release of cargo that may be subject to inspection. 

In addition, we offer services such as pre-classification reviews, binding rulings, protests, and audits to assist our clients with their interactions with Customs and government agencies beyond the entry transaction. We also protect our clients’ privacy by requesting Customs and Border Protection to withhold their shipping details from public manifesting records that may expose them to competitive risks in their industry.

NUCO Logistics can also represent foreign importers from around the world. We can help you obtain a Customs assigned number and a continuous bond in one or two days, so you can make an entry in your own name.

NUCO Logistics Customs Brokerage is a trusted partner for importers and exporters worldwide, offering comprehensive clearance services at any U.S. port and commercial ports. 

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