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Optimal Solutions

NUCO provides optimal solutions for complex shipments and offers end-to-end supply chain management for your export & import shipments. We develop customized concepts which matches the requirements of our clients. The customized concepts for the distribution logistics are always designed by NUCO in such a way that is easy for the cosigner, effective for the end-customer and transparent for all parties.

Cost Reduction

NUCO can offer plans that can reduce overall logistics’ cost by at least 15%. We focus on the permanent monitoring of the delivery time, the reliability of the delivery, the flexibility of it, the delivery service quality and the optimization of storage costs, order processing costs and transportation costs.

Global Partnership

NUCO has strong and strategically-located partnerships in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent to support the international logistics and supply chain needs of our clients. At NUCO, we can simplify the process of entering a new market and advise our clients of their regulatory and tax obligations and provide them with market insight.

US Customs

NUCO handles different US Customs formalities required for your import and export shipments globally. On behalf of our clients, NUCO deals directly with US Customs and arranges for filing necessary documents the import/export shipments. We ensure a smooth and on time border crossing of shipments, without administrative burden, delays or penalties. Our Logistics’ team can review your supply chain to help enhance Customs activities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance.

Timely Performance

With global supply chains becoming more complex, ensuring timely delivery of inbound and outbound shipments has never been more challenging and on-time delivery of products and cargo is absolutely critical to the clients’ bottom lines.

NUCO provides the real-time visibility needed to manage shipments in transit and offers solutions to variety of client’s logistical issues.

Adherence to delivery dates and times are essential factors that decides the success of the company in an industry. With our decade long experience, we stand for the punctual delivery of goods to our clients’ production lines or destination.

We are your partner

NUCO acts as an advocate for our clients and this approach transforms our Service into long-term Partnership.